Richard LeGrand, an interesting micro-brand based out of Singapore, and that I’ve previously written about here, has just announced the next version of their Odyssea diver.

They’ll be using a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund/preorder the Odyssea Mk. II. It’s not live quite yet, but they’ve posted some very intriguing pictures of the Mk. II on their homepage.

Richard LeGrand Odyssea Mk II Black

Mk. II Black

Richard LeGrand Odyssea Mk II Ocean Blue

Mk. II Ocean Blue

There’s not currently a lot of information about the new version, but they do say it’ll have an even thinner case than the previous Odyssea, at only 12.75mm (a very sleek diver indeed).

Richard LeGrand Odyssea Mk II Case back design

Other features include a stamped caseback (the very cool helmet and anchors design above), better bracelet, a ceramic dial, and bright blue lume:

Richard LeGrand Odyssea Mk II Lume Shot

Not sure if the bezel will still have a sapphire overlay as the original, but the pictures make it look like that’s still the case.

While I never got a chance to handle the original Odyssea, reviews around the internet show that it turned out very, very nice – especially considering the price point that the original was offered at (under $300).

Richard LeGrand Odyssea Mk II Ocean Blue

In fact, the only complaint I’ve found from reviewers was about the bracelet – so if they’ve upgraded that for the Mk. II then this will definitely be one to think about picking up.

Be sure to check out Richard LeGrands site here: and get on the mailing list if you’re interested in picking one of these up when the time comes.

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