With the recent movie award shows taking place, everyone in the fashion world is abuzz with all the actors’ choices of evening wear. From their flashiest outfits to the smallest accessories, every detail is a carefully chosen piece of an actor’s wardrobe. A fashionable dive watch is no exception, as many actors have proven throughout their careers.

Daniel Craig’s Omega Seamaster

Actors who play James Bond have often worn dive watches as part of their character’s work and impeccable sense of style. Daniel Craig is no exception to this, having gotten a taste for Omega watches on the set of his movies, especially the Omega Seamaster. Omega has recently updated their Seamaster dive watch collection with a bevy of new features, making them some of the best dive watches currently available.

Robert Downey Jr.’s Rolex “Hulk” Submariner

Robert Downey Jr.’s loves his Rolex Submariner with a particular color scheme that has gotten it nicknamed the “Hulk.” The beautiful green hue of the watch makes it an instant fashion statement for superheroes and “common” men alike. Rolex Submariner dive watches are more than just pretty though, they have the specs to be some of the best dive watches available.